Creating a Solar Ecosystem by Local for Local

Further such an intervention which involved local communities gave a boost to the local economy through creating livelihoods, generating income, contributing to reduce the cost of solar products, and responding to the void that exists with regard to the market for solar products in their as well as the surrounding region. This was the desired step towards creating a local solar ecosystem, or SELL, that can ensure sustainability in terms adoption of solar technology and energy transition.

The corpus created through this initiative further led to the idea of setting up of solar module manufacturing plant. The corpus was invested in establishing ‘Tribal women owned Solar PV module manufacturing plant’, the first ever of its kind in the country and the world. The foundation stone of this plant was laid on auspicious day of 26th January 2017.

Inception of Durga Energy

After setting up the solar enterprises in the Dungarpur Initiative, it was further evolved into setting up a private limited company to completely establish an entire solar ecosystem. The company is called as Dungarpur Renewable Energy Technologies Private Limited (DURGA Energy) established through investments from four and grants from Rajasthan Tribal Development Fund, Rajeevika, Nagar Parishad, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Idea Cellular with IIT Bombay as the knowledge and technology partner.

The purpose of this company was to create a local level ecosystem in off-grid solar PV technology that can work towards ensuring sustainability of the intervention that supports both the livelihoods and the continued usage of renewable energy technology.

The four CLFs represent around 28,260 women (one woman per household) SHG members are at the helm of DURGA Energy collectively owning the company. The Board of Directors of the company, who make the key decision making body, represent the four CLFs (there are elected as well as selected Directors) and SHG members. They are accountable to the CLFs and various decisions are taken after consulting the CLFs.

Goal and Objective

In House Manufacturing Process