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Solar Panels

The plant is equipped to make all standard as well as custom-designed panels from 1Wp to 330Wp panels.

Our focus products are sub-150Wp panels, including 2.5Wp, 5Wp, 20Wp, 40Wp, 75 Wp, 100Wp, 120Wp, and 150Wp.

Solar Street Lights
Solar Home DC Power Systems
Solar Lamps

Our Projects

Project No: 1 Grid connected solar PV system at Dungarpur
Client Nagar Parishad, Dungarpur
Total Capacity 10kW
Description Grid Connected solar PV systems was installed at two locations:
  • Shahid Smarak Park, Dungarpur (Installed capacity: 7 kWp)
  • Rain Basera, Dungarpur (Installed capacity: 3 kWp)

The total energy generated by these plants is supplied to the local grid by net metering system.

Completed On 2 September 2017 (Shahid Smarak), and 12 September 2017 (Rain Basera)
women installing panel
women installing panel
women installing panel
women installing panel