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Inauguration of 24x7 Solar house

"4 houses in Dungarpur have successfully adopted 24x7 Solar houses by disconnecting grid. The district collector of Dungarpur, Shri. Rajendra Kumar Bhatt inaugurated the Solar house."

24x7 solar ghar dungarpur

Shri. Amit Nirmal - Dep. Secretary MHA

"The SOULS initiative at Dungapur has the potential to become "AMUL" for Solar."

Amit Nirmal testimonial

The Times of India

"Solar lamps to light up lives of tribal women"

Amit Nirmal testimonial

Shri. Rajeev Singh Thakur State Mission Director Rajeevika and Secretary Rural Development

"It is a great initiative for women empowerment. I hope that the women will take lead in taking it forward and Rajeevika, IIT Bombay and Raj. Govt will always be there to support them."

Amit Nirmal testimonial

Prof Chetan Singh Solanki, Principal Investigator, Million SoUL Project, Professor - IIT Bombay

"This first of its kind PV Module manufacturing plant will be a game changer in off-grid solar power scenario of India. It will boost the confidence of people in Solar PV technology by not only creating job for local people but it will also enable long term sustenance of solar products ."

Amit Nirmal testimonial

Shri Surendra Solanki, Collector & DM Dungarpur

"I am extremely delighted and proud of the fact that the first of its kind Solar Module Manufacturing Plant will be set up in Dungarpur and operated by local tribal women "

Amit Nirmal testimonial