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What is solar energy?

Solar Energy is simply the energy provided by the sun. Sun radiates huge amounts of light energy continuously, and if we make proper use of it, we can save a lot of resources that might otherwise get depleted. Solar Energy can be used in a variety of applications, but currently we’re working on harnessing electricity out of it. This electrical energy can then be used to power various appliances and stored in a battery for future uses as well.

Importance of Solar Energy in Daily life

Solar Energy is not just a renewable energy source. It is exceptionally important in supporting human life on earth as well. For example, the Solar Energy is what keeps the earth warm and suitable for life. Without the heat and light from the Sun, our Earth would have been a dark and frozen planet with little possibility of any life of it.

Why Solar?

The most important reason why we’re trying to update the conventional grid electricity to Solar is to lift off the pressure from the non-renewable resources. Solar Energy is a reliable and continuous source of energy. If we make proper use of it, we can greatly conserve our fossils and natural resources from getting depleted.

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