Durga Energy

About Us

Dungarpur Renewable Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Durga Energy) is a private limited solar module manufacturing company established through investments from four Cluster Level Federations (CLFs - Antri, Biladi, Jhontri and Punali), and grants from Rajasthan Tribal Development Fund, Rajeevika, Nagar Parishad, and Idea Cellular CSR, with IIT Bombay as the knowledge and technology partner.

Durga Energy evolved out of the successful implementation of Dungarpur Solar initiative by the four CLFs. It is noted that this initiative (solar lamp assembly and distribution) by the Cluster Federations received the 2017 Prime Minster’s award under Innovation Category; and the award was received by the then District Collector Mr. Solanki. The local women attached with this initiative raised a corpus amount in a short span of 8 months, which has been invested in setting up of the solar module manufacturing plant.

The first-of-its-kind solar module manufacturing company is managed and operated by local tribal women who underwent rigorous training in technology and operations.

Why Dungarpur?

Dungarpur is one the most backward districts of Rajasthan with a predominantly rural economy and high concentration of tribal population (74.40%). With a literacy rate of 46.98% amongst women, the district is known to be educationally backward. Percentage of households with electricity access is also low at 39%; as a result remaining households depend on kerosene as the main source of light (Census of India, 2011). With the demography and geography of a place like Dungarpur, the conventional solution for electricity is difficult to provide.

Under such circumstances, solar photovoltaic — a clean and renewable energy technology offers the best solution for the rural communities. This could be the most viable option for Rajasthan, as it is endowed with the availability of the resource, i.e. 325 sunny days in a year and an average solar insolation of 6-7 kWh/m2 per day.

Dungarpur and regions with similar characteristics like remoteness, scattered settlements, undulating, hilly, forested terrain, the predominance of marginalized communities, and low purchasing power of consumers who are still waiting for electricity access, off-grid solar PV is the best-suited option as its is a decentralized technology.

Vision & Purpose

The vision of the company is to promote quality off-grid solar solutions in a sustainable manner, for both the company and the community.

  • The Company is a for-profit company with the following activities:

  • Manufacture and sell solar modules
  • Provide a range of solar solutions, including installation and service, (eg. Solar home powering system, solar pump, solar street lights, etc).
  • Support local rural solar retailer/ entrepreneurs
  • Provide livelihood opportunities for the local community

The company provides employment to 200 local people at Dungarpur, with 50-75 locals provided direct employment, and about 125 locals supported indirectly.


The company has a variety of state-of-the-art equipments and machines, including Solar Cell Cutter, Solar Cell Tester, Tabbing and Stringing Stations, Layup Tables, Electro-Luminance (EL) Tester, Laminator, Al-Framing Machines, Module Simulator among others.

All the workers are highly trained to handle the sophisticated machines, and assure quality products as well as on time delivery.


Supported & Contributed By

Rajeevika has provided around 8% of the funds required for setting up DURGA. They have also promoted CLFs (Cluster Level Federations) whose members are the shareholders of DURGA. Rajeevika has also supported in all the ground preparation, monitoring activities and liasioning with the local bodies.
IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay has gained significant experience in empowering rural entrepreneurs and local communities as part of its SoUL project while distributing a million solar lamps and capacity building for its repair and maintenance. IIT Bombay is also open sourcing its solar lamp hardware which will be further extended to other solar components as well. This would ensure local communities have access to research and technology at all times. Together with its capacity building strength and vast technical knowledge resource IIT Bombay will assist the initial set up of the local unit and associated eco-system.
Tribal Area Development
Through the tribal area development fund (TADF), tribal area development department has provided 37% of the total funds required for running DURGA.
Idea Cellular
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is textured in Aditya Birla group’s value system. The CSR division of Idea cellular is one of the funding partners. They have provided approximately 30% of the total funds required for setting up DURGA.
District Administration Dungarpur
The district administration of Dungarpur is mobilizing the funds for setting up DURGA. They have provided 37% of the total funds required for setting up the manufacturing unit. Besides this, they have also given necessary administrative support in acquiring the land, obtaining necessary government permissions, and getting clearance on water, electricity and labor laws.
Nagar Parishad Dungarpur
Nagar Parishad, Dungarpur has played a pivotal role in setting up DURGA. They have developed 27000 sq.ft of land by doing all the necessary civil work for setting up DURGA.